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Please refer to the pricing information below as an idea of the expected print cost. There are many factors that could change the cost of a project so refer to this as a reference only. For more direct and accurate quotes, contact us with your project details here.

our standards

turnaround times

7 - 10 business days

minimum order quantity

minimum of 12

(Price break every 10 garments)

quality blanks

Quality blank garments from top brands

Have your own garments?

Even with the thousands of garment styles available to us, we know that sometimes you’ve got something very specific in mind. Or, maybe you have some blanks leftover from a previous project. Whatever the case, we’re happy to look at what you’ve got to make sure it is something we can print on. Keep in mind, certain fabrics and pre-worn garments aren’t conducive to our processes.

Looking for low-cost quality blanks? We got you covered.
Ask us about our garment pricing for select styles.


Our Standard Pricing

   1 COLOR       2 COLORS        3 COLORS      4 COLORS

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 4.03_edited.jpg


Let's talk about placement

To help bring your designs to life, we offer standard and specialty print placement on most garments. Our print pricing varies depending on the the placement of the design. The per piece cost of your garments consists of the print placement cost + the garment cost.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 4.03.49 PM.png

Ready to get started?
Request a Quote or Contact Us for more information.

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